Pace of the Game

With table games time really is money. The pace of play for each table, every day, all year, can make a hundreds of thousands, and for large casinos, even millions of dollars difference in table gaming revenue. Problem is, you can’t audit every table continuously.

With Pace of the Game now you can! Free up your surveillance team and perform continuous dealer audits using your current video system. Let Pace of the Game software tell you how many hands are being dealt and the number of games played using state of the art video analytics. It’s like having a table audit available 24×7.

Product Overview

  • Increase revenue by increasing number of games played
  • Use your currently installed camera system
  • Cover as many of your tables as you want
  • Measure the pace of each table game automatically
  • Keep a history and track dealer progress over time
  • View reports and graphs to show trends

Games Per Hour

The pace of the game plays a big part in the overall profitability of gaming at a casino. Floor managers are always looking for ways to increase the speed of play. Slow rate of play directly casino revenue revenue, and profits.

Measuring dealer speed needs to be done to evaluate performance and to ensure dealers are meeting industry and casino benchmarks. A standard way to evaluate performance is to have surveillance operators count the rate of play of all dealers. One problem with this, however, is that dealers are evaluated on only a fraction of their time dealing. In some cases only 10 minutes of video is evaluated to determine games an hour. This could be a highly inaccurate evaluation given the short period of time.

Another problem with counting a dealer’s games per hour is the surveillance operator is taken away from the primary duty of ensuring the casino is not being victimized by scammers.

Pace of the Game is a better way to determine dealer quality. It’s more accurate, takes less time and can be used to accurately measure against your benchmark.

How Important are Dealer Audits?

Being “off” during an hour of play is usually no problem. However, the revenue loss can build up over time.
The following example is a set of 10 dealers, each dealer having 5 or 6 hands at the table. The desired games/hour are 70 and 60 respectfully. The games/hour were pulled from Pace of the Game using actual casino video.



You can use Pace of the Game to measure how dealers rate against their peers and how dealers improve over time. Pace of the Game stores this data and can produce a report, or the data can be used in MS Excel to create customized reports.

Simultaneous Evaluations

You can run several Pace of the Game applications on one computer to evaluate multiple dealers at once. You can also record a lengthy video with multiple dealers and process the entire video without interruption.


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