Connect. See. Reveal. That’s Kaimi®.

Kaimi gives you complex data integration, data relationship analytics, and a tailored user experience design all in one application. It’s secure, data source-agnostic business intelligence software that connects with, and collects and analyzes your data from disparate sources to help you see anomalies and correlations, and reveal hidden relationships among the data.

Regardless of your or your customers’ needs, Kaimi is a powerful tool for you to integrate and connect multiple disparate data sources and, combined with relationship revealing data analytics, Kaimi helps you turn the “noise” of uncorrelated data into actionable information you can use.

Scalability? Kaimi is enterprise-scale software built to handle millions of data elements from multiple sources in near real-time, whatever your enterprise IT infrastructure. And in complement to Kaimi, we’ll help you with data analytics algorithms tailored to your business intelligence needs, along with tailored user interface solutions, all integrated seamlessly across your enterprise.


Kaimi is pronounced “Kah-ee-mee” and is Polynesian for “The Seeker”

What is Kaimi For?
Anywhere there’s a need for integrating disparate data sets and analyzing the data to reveal relationships in the data, Kaimi can help.

How Does It Work?
1. Disparate Data Sources: CONNECT
We designed and built Kaimi to make sure it can handle multiple disparate data sets with millions of records, in near real-time. Kaimi is data source agnostic, which enables you to utilize its capabilities in concert with, and regardless of the legacy or third party systems you may already use.

2. Data Analysis: SEE
The Kaimi engine compares information from all text-based data sources to find relationships, anomalous behavior and potential illegal or criminal activity. Kaimi also incorporates pattern matching tools that you can configure to alert you to anomalous activities or events of interest.

3. Relationship Detection: REVEAL
From its analysis, Kaimi creates and visualizes data relationships in a variety of graphical and geospatial formats. Kaimi enables you to query and get results from multiple applications using just one software package. The views are hierarchical, starting with an overview of the information, but allowing you to drill down quickly to the detailed information.

And when you want to know something important, Kaimi can send you alerts however you want to get them: In the Kaimi dashboard, via email, or SMS messaging to a mobile device. Other systems can hook into Kaimi as well, through a direct database connection or via a secure web service.

Kaimi Casino™: Connect the Dots, Prevent Revenue Loss

It’s estimated that up to 7% of casino gaming revenue is lost to cheating and fraud, from patrons, employees and vendors. That’s an estimated $2.4 billion of lost revenue due to fraud in the US, and $1.6 billion in Southeast Asia (based on 2010 statistics). With Kaimi Casino™ you can prevent some of that lost revenue by exposing casino fraud in near real-time.

Kaimi provides your surveillance team with a single desktop interface that will integrate all of your systems to provide you with a complete, real-time investigative solution. Kaimi enables you in seconds to investigate players, tables, comp frauds, relationships, and much more. Kaimi brings tremendous value to your casino operations by revealing bad actors while they are on your property, BEFORE they can get away with cheating your operation out of revenue.

The first comprehensive and integrated solution of its kind in the gaming industry, Kaimi was recently featured in action on the National Geographic Channel’s “Casino Wars” program.

Kaimi Casino Key Benefits

Feature Advantage Benefit
Multi Data Source Integration

Seamlessly integrates your operation’s multiple disparate data sources and eliminates tedious manual data searches Spend time monitoring and acting on information vs. searching for it
Automated Monitoring and Data Analytics Monitor Monitor and evaluate individual player and dealer activity and trends in real time What takes weeks to investigate, you can now do in near real-time to prevent revenue loss to fraud while a cheater is on your casino floor
Relationship Graphing Look for and reveal relationships between players, employees and vendors Spot relationships between individuals immediately, instead of well after the fact

Read more about Kaimi Casino in Casino Life Magazine here. (With permission from Ace Publishing Ltd.)

Kaimi Law Enforcement: Access and Understand Your Data When You Need It

Lots of data equates to lots of time wasted sorting, organizing and searching for the data you need to run an investigation. There should be a better way. For example, if you’re looking at DMV information on several suspects, you should be able to see their criminal records and who they are associated with all within the same view, versus separately.

Kaimi helps by integrating multiple systems into one view and organizing the data from the different systems you access to reveal relationships between people, objects, places, and events you might not have known were there.

In addition to showing relationships, you can also see how all the events around the relationships relate to each other along a timeline. For example, using criminal records, ongoing investigation and DMV data, the timeline will show when an individual’s license was suspended, when he was last incarcerated, when he was seen with another person of interest or at a location of interest, and when he was taken into custody.

Kaimi gives you the flexibility to reveal the information you need in the manner you want to see it, plus instant command of all the data resources you have available.

For more information about Kaimi Law Enforcement please contact us!


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