Video Imagery Analytics

Poor Quality Video Imagery Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

Video and still imagery analysis are major factors in the effectiveness and profitability of many manufacturing and security operations. However, imagery and video surveillance effectiveness is often limited by environmental factors and the ability (or lack thereof) of humans to stare at a screen for long time periods.

From video enhancement (making the video easier to see) to “smarter” video monitoring (detection, classification, and tracking), we have the expertise and commercial development capability to help you meet your competitive challenges and get the most from your existing video imagery analysis products and technologies.

What We Can Do For You

From basic research to commercialized products, we can help you overcome the challenges associated with video and still imagery enhancement and automated interpretation. From our open-architecture VisionAgent® framework, which allows us to rapidly build flexible, solid video analytic products, to our staff of scientist experts in imagery analysis algorithms and intelligent agent decision support, we can readily address your most vital video analytics and surveillance needs.

Check Out These Examples of What We’ve Done…


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