kaimi-dashboardKaimi Disparate Data Integration & Analytics Solutions
Connect. See. Reveal. That’s Kaimi®. Kaimi gives you complex data integration, data relationship analytics, and a tailored user experience design all in one application. It’s secure, data source-agnostic business intelligence software that connects with, and collects and analyzes your data from disparate sources to help you see anomalies and correlations, and reveal hidden relationships among the data.

Video20/20 Video Image Correction Software
Video20/20®: It’s Like Lasik for Video. When you make a significant investment in video equipment for security or other monitoring purposes, you want high quality video. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Variables such as how and where cameras are mounted, the weather and other environmental factors, conspire to greatly reduce video quality to where it can be almost unusable.

pacePace of the Game
Pace of the Game With table games time really is money. The pace of play for each table, every day, all year, can make a hundreds of thousands, and for large casinos, even millions of dollars difference in table gaming revenue. Problem is, you can’t audit every table continuously. 

 With Pace of the Game now you can! Free up your surveillance team and perform continuous dealer audits using your current video system.

Video Imagery Analytics
Poor Quality Video Imagery Can Hurt Your Bottom Line. Video and still imagery analysis are major factors in the effectiveness and profitability of many manufacturing and security operations. However, imagery and video surveillance effectiveness is often limited by environmental factors and the ability (or lack thereof) of humans to stare at a screen for long time periods.


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